1 months old baby

Question: Today Single loop of cord seen around the neck of my baby.. Is it dangerous?

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Answer: It is completely normal baby getting loop around neck because of continuous baby movements and space constraint. There are chances that cord might come out of neck as well while baby moves next. Do not worry about it. Stay positive and be happy :)
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Question: Single loop of cord around fetus neck..is it dangerous?
Answer: Hi Generally loose cords are present around babies neck due to excess movements or due to lengthy cord, they are not serious if loose. However you can consult doctor and get monitored regularly.
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Question: Hii single loop of cord seen around the neck mean
Answer: Means d umbilical cord had formed a loop around yhe neck. Nothing to worry as many woman face it. And Is not a problem for normal delivery.
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Question: Single loop of cord around baby neck... In my usg...is it dangerous for baby?
Answer: Don't worry the single loop around baby's neck is usually used and does not affect in the womb but yes during delivery. it depends on your doctor support and the ultrasound you can have a normal delivery or not in some cases it is possible
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Question: I m 34weeks pregnant, nd my ultrasound report says that a single loop of cord is seen around the neck of the baby, is it dangerous??? Pls answer
Answer: Hello dear this is not so dangerous as rhere are some more weeks for labour thare are chances for relase. So dont worry dear. Do regular exercise. Sleep on your left side if you need to change the position please sit and then turn please dont rotate on bed.
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