39 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Today my urine culture and vaginal culture result came. In tis result they predict pneumonia klebsiela organisms is there.Doctor said its infection.is it affect my baby?

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Answer: hi dear! so dont worry there are certain organisms that can cause uti predominantly out of which klebsiela is one of them . so dont worry with some antibiotics you will be fine. and these antibiotics is safe in pregnancy and dont worry your baby is fine and nothing will happen to the baby but this must be treated and cannot be left untreated so dear do visit your doctor if you have not . and take the proper medicine dear. take care dear! i hope this information is helpful to you!
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    Jarina Waseem656 days ago

    Thanq 😊

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Question: Hi I'm 7 weeks pregnant and my urine culture result shows positive , started taking antibiotics is it safe to take antibiotics for UTI does it affect baby
Answer: Hi, congratulations on your pregnancy. I would suggest you to take medicines as per your gynic instructions for UTI. BcoZ even I've suffered with urine infection in my 2nd month of pregnancy and used medicines as per doctor suggestion and it was cleared for me now. Take care.
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Question: Hii in my urine culture redblood cells came 1_2...is it something harm to my baby
Answer: Red blood cells of 1 -2 is not so concerning and if more than this it indicates urinary tract issues. Consult your doctor for further evaluation.
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Question: Hi , Today we came to know my wife having urinal infection.is it any problem for baby??
Answer: Take treatment suggested by obg then it should not b a problem... it s a problem only if left untreated
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