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Question: Today my sister gave birth to a boy at 12.45 a.m. But till now the child has not done urine or potty. Is it normal? Please give me proper advice.

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Answer: Nothing to worry baby do poo n pee. Check everytime. Once pee and 1 poo is enough in 24hours. So you have time till tomorrow noon. Ecen my kid peed next day morning, i delivered to baby boy by noon 1.30 so no issues. If after 24hrs nothing then consult doctor. Ask your sister to good feed
Answer: Dear sis, within 24 hours of the birth of a child, she should do potty of dark green or dark black colour, which is also called meconium. Has she not done it yet? Please consult the doctor once.
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    Bhavani Nambiraj134 days ago

    doc has not checked the baby if he is passing urine and motion?

Answer: Hloo give to baby 1 drop of good quality of honey only 1 drop I hve tried dis remedy it may work on ur baby also.
Answer: Tell your sister to feed baby and if it continues intimate gynecologist. Congrats for your little cutiee
Answer: It is normal. Give him honey few drops n he will do dark colored potty
Answer: Dnt worry u can wait till 24 hours aftr that u can consult the doctor
Answer: Don't worry its normal with in 24 hrs they will do
Answer: How to clean dark circles after delivery ?
Answer: It is normal. Not to worry
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