3 months old baby

Question: today my 3 months old baby getting vaccination but he suffring from high fever wt do

2 Answers
Answer: If fever is not too high then don't worry as its normal to get a bit temperature is fine keep on giving milk. If you see high temperature then consult with doctor.
Answer: Don't worry...it's normal...give them 5-6 drops of crocin syrp...
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Question: My baby is 1.5 months old. And he is suffering from vaccination fever. What to do??
Answer: There is nothing much to do dear..thts a common thing..use a right dose of fever medicine and comfort baby by breastfeeding..fever would be only for 2 days..keep.baby hydrated with milk...
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Question: My baby s suffering from fever bcz of 2 n half months vaccination...wt I do
Answer: Hi dear this vaccination goes away in a couple of days on its own.. But, if the temperature is more than 100, then see a pediatrician, and ask him or her to recommend a mild medicine..
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Question: My baby s 3 months old but he did not get fever after vaccination
Answer: Dear not every vaccination cause fever to baby so dont worry..
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