31 weeks pregnant mother

Today my doctor did sonography and she said my amniotic fluid is 10 in lower side is it normal

Yes it's normal... Normal range of AFI is 8-12
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Question: Today my doctor did sonograpgy and the amniotic fluid is 8 is it normal
Answer: Amniotic fluid 8 is at a lower side The AFI keeps on reducing as pregnancy grows. Take 3 litres of water daily. You can also talk to your doctor about l-arginine granules to increase the fluid. Just monitor daily fetal kick count and follow up ur doctor regularly..
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Question: M 8th mnth pregnant... I did sonography today report says lack of amniotic fluid and remain report is normal. Wht should i do to increase amniotic fluid
Answer: Dear, Since the amniotic fluid is less it will have its effect on baby and hence you see a lag of two weeks Although you have not mentioned how much is your afi but I am assuming since it is less it would be in the range of 6-8 It is important to drink3 lt of water every day with 3 glasses of coconut water as well as milk. Take more water to help out your baby growth. Intrauterine growth restriction is seen in many pregnant ladies with low amniotic fluid. Please go for a visit. In 36 week.
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Question: My sonography report say 'the amniotic fluid appears adequate ( lower side of normal range 11cc)' what does that mean?
Answer: You have sufficient amniotic fluid as per report. So nothing to worry. They have mentioned it should have min 11 cc and I think you have more than that.
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