10 months old baby

Question: Today my baby passed motion 7 times.. she s of 9 month .. is it normal..

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Answer: No problem for that.but observe that it is normal or any difference than usual
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    chithra brahmadas92 days ago

    Green color with mucus

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Question: I ve one month old baby girl.. she s farting alot today . She passed motion in morning.. however she s farting and cries wenevee she does.. please advixe
Answer: Colic is a common problem in all babies...it's a gas built-up dats y she cries...mix hing n warm water paste apply around her belly or apply ghee around her belly...don't forget to burp the baby during feed..avoid eating oily food if ur breast feeding...do d cycling exercise with baby legs this will help in reliving gas ...n tummy time is also to avoid gastric problem in babies...all d best dear
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Question: my baby is 9 days old,he hasn't passed the motion yet is it normal.??
Answer: No dear it's not normal...usually baby has to pass stool day 1 itself...it has been a long dat to 9 days u consult ur doc as soon as possible
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Question: My baby had beetroot today for the first time and passed red motion.. Is it normal
Answer: Yes, it is absolutely normal. If you can see even for adults even this happens. No wonder babies pooped red. Also, you can itself identify that it's just the colour red from the beetroot and not blood just by simply looking at it.. So don't worry and take good care of your baby and feed him/her lots of veggies. If you think this is helpful, give a like!!
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