5 months old baby

Question: Today my baby is crying alot. Doesn't seems that he has stomachache. He is not even drinking milk like always. He is silent in my arms. What can be the reason? How I can make him calm down?

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Answer: Hello! It could be that due to sleep posture or any insect biting the baby or simply a mosquito bite can cause the baby cry. Try to keep the baby in arms for some time and put the baby to sleep. Once he sleeps you can put him on bed. Take care
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Question: My baby doesn't like to eat we make him eat forcefully he doesn't like to take even milk
Answer: Hello! At such a young age, you have to give in and give them something they will eat. You cannot force a toddler to eat anything they don't want.Find some fun foods with protein and other nutrients that he/she will eat. Toddlers have strange eating habits and tastes, they grow out of it. Eating something is far better than letting the child go hungry. 
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Question: My child has suddenly stop drinking milk. He doesn't even like milk with honey, chocolate, sugar. What can be done
Answer: Hello dear, it's not mandatory to give only milk. You can try for diffent milk shakes n smoothies. If he still refuse that try to give him other diary products like flavoured yoghurt, paneer, cheese. These all had the same action as of milk. Try this I hope it will work.
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Question: My three days old baby is crying alot even after feeding...can u suggest something to calm baby down
Answer: Cover the baby properly. Sometimes because of change in environment makes baby cry. Keep her warm 24*7
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