2 months old baby

Question: Today my baby got 45 days vaccine how to get him relief from.pain

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Answer: Apply ice cubes frequently
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Question: My 45 days old baby got DTP,HEPATITIS B vaccine today what precautions i have to take .plz help ne
Answer: Hello! There are as such no precautions. Just keep feeding the baby and in case there is pain or fever then give medicine for fever, which also works as a pain killer. If the vaccination place is hard you can apply little ice compress. Take care
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Question: Mam Wednesday I put 45 days vaccine to my baby he got fever till Thursday now he is ok shall I make him bath today
Answer: Yes definitely you should make your baby bath today it's not a problem at all just make sure the water is lukewarm I too always have bath and my baby after vaccination and it never was a issue.
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Question: My baby got his vaccine today..45 days old.. he is in pain..wt to do.. reply soon
Answer: Give paracetamol medicines as prescribed by doctor. It can relieve baby of fever and pain symptoms. Try ice pack. Consult your doctor.
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