3 months old baby

Question: today my baby didnt pee for almost 7 hours..is it normal

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Answer: Babies have per day 10times and also 8or 9days once.... And once in a day... Almost 7 hours is nothing matter and it is normal don't worry...... You should drink lots of lukewarm water it is good for your baby degistion....
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Question: What is normal pee count of 7 month old baby
Answer: Dear normally afrer 6 months baby should pass8 to.10 times per in 24 hours some babies pass 10 to 15 times too so till 15 times its normal. Nothing to worry abht .give 2 ounces water in 24 hours to ur baby too .Try it
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Question: My Baby is 3 weeks old.He takes feed after every 2 3 hours for long time like 1 2 hours. Is it normal
Answer: It is totally normal dear don't take any tension. and if your baby is urinating a minimum a time a day then it is a clear sign that your baby is getting enough breastmilk so don't worry
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Question: Today I feel too much almost 20 times baby movement in my tummy is it ok
Answer: No problem it's ok u just feel that movements that never comes again don't feel uneasy okk
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