28 weeks pregnant mother

Question: today morning by mistaken i took calcium tablets which was prescribed at night.and morning folic acid tablets are skipped. What to do?

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Answer: don't worry dear these are supplements for skipping any supplement for a single day or taking any supplement before time will not have you baby so just relax.
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Question: I took iron folic acid tablets.. What are the points remember to get adequate iron absorption?
Answer: Try to have the iron supplement with lemon water. Citric acid present in lemon increases iron absorption. And you can add some iron rich veggies in your diet like spinach, broccoli, beans, rajmah, almond, quinoa etc.
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Question: I have been prescribed iron and calcium tablets but no folic acid tablets however before I was taking folic acid tablets and sustein sr 200
Answer: Hello! After the first trimester, folic acid tablets are generally discontinued and iron and calcium is started. Hence don't worry about it. Take care
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Question: I am taking folic acid tablets prescribed by doctor and what are the precautions to getting pregnant fastly
Answer: Dnt eat fast food,papaya, avoid excessive physical activity , And try planning by i know kit in whivh you will be knowing the most fertile day
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