6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Today morning after I wake up I feel some pain in stomach is it normal

2 Answers
Answer: Yes dear it's normal. It may be due to bloating constipation gases nd lower abdominal cramps due to expanding of uterus nd round ligament. U ll experience this through out ur pregnancy. Some time sharp needle like pain. But it's normal
Answer: Mild stomach pain is common during pregnancy... Even I did have.. A balanced high fibre diet, plenty of water, and a warm bath will help you dear.
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Question: When i wake up in morning i feel pain on my left side
Answer: This is very normal dear when I was pregnant I also used to feel this kind of mild pain which is very normal in pregnancy don't worry
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Question: Hai Good Morning I feel some pain and discomfort in my stomach
Answer: Hey very good morning dear... Mild pain is very much normal as it can be because of gas or indigestion or coming period. So stay hydrated and take rest you will feel better...
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Question: Hi, I am unable to feel my baby.. When I wake up in morning, I feel empty stomach.. Also I feel the same after excretion. Due to corona, I am unable to do anti natal scan & visit doctor.
Answer: It's normal dear, because your baby size is very small now, after 4-5 months you will start observing the kicks and baby movement
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