38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Today m having NST scan. what does it mean? Why it is performed?

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Answer: NST is non stress test. It is done to assure welbeing of baby near term. It checks baby's heartrate and it's respince to baby movements
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Question: Hi I am 39 weeks What is nst scan.. When and why is it performed
Answer: Hi! NST is nonstess test, it basically records the natural baby activities or what the baby is doing naturally, a belt is tied on your stomach to check the rhythm of your heart and baby activity along with it on the rythm of your heartbeat, thr is no usage of medication and takes abt 30-40 min to record.. Hope this helps!
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Question: Hiii...today i m having frequent urination...what does it mean?
Answer: Hi! Visiting the loo in pregnancy is very common, it can start as early as in first trimester the frequent loo visit is due to your expanding uterus which puts pressure on your bladder. This pressure remains almost sams till the time baby is delivered. Dont worry this is normal and part of the pregnancy journey if u hv no other discomfort dont worry.. Hope this helps!
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Question: NT scan has been done today. Value is 1.1mm . What does it mean?
Answer: Deposition at the back or babys neck is about 1.1mm. It is normal. Do not worry
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