10 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hii today m going for chek up doctor give me dydrogesteron tablet IP 10 Mg for two times for month what its use n before 8month my first abortion was done m 26 years old

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Answer: It is used to stop bleeding and to prevent any miscarriage and keep the baby safe,also for infertility
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    sonali dhenge692 days ago


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Question: my lmp was 29jan today m going for chek up the length of foetus is 1.4cm is it ok n
Answer: Firstly congratulations,itz a big news...itz totally k..no need to worry....take fresh fruits plenty of water...nd stay healthy.
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Question: Hi m having acnes on my face n sometime its itching..m taking dupston 10 mg tablet ...pls tell me remedies for itching acnes on face..
Answer: Hello dear, apply aloe vera gel directly on your acne or pimples.. It has a cooling effect on itchy skin which can be incredibly soothing and prevent scratch-induced blemishes... You could also take a pinch of turmeric..add a drop of rose water to it and apply on the affected areas...Leave it on until it dries and later rinse your face and wash it off... This will help in reducing pimples considerably.. hope this helps you dear..
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Question: Its been one week I am giving massages and bath to my baby girl. Before it was done by my mother.. Is it safe to give her bath by myself.. She sneezed two three times after that
Answer: Keep the bathroom warm..u must close the doors before giving bath...keep ur items ready beforehand like soap shampoo towels baby's cloth lotions etc...dont take too much time to give bath...be quick...and don't give head bath everyday...twice in a week...if weather is hot u can wash the hair thrice also...the day day u r giving head bath...start with washing the body 1st when u r done wrap baby in towel and then clean the hair...if u wash her head to toe...she will be very cold....wipe her hair with the towel appropriately. ....again keep the windows and door closed of the room where u r dressing up ur baby..don't on the fan for sometime
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Question: Today i went for regular chek up.. Dr cheked heart beat of baby its 130... It is good or bad. Dr said that after 10 daya we do ultrasound if heart beats not increase... I m confuse plz suggest me...
Answer: No. Its normal 130 heart beat is not to worry but u kindly follow ur doctor and do ur ultrasound.. But u do not stress its not a matter of worry
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