10 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hii today m going for chek up doctor give me dydrogesteron tablet IP 10 Mg for two times for month what its use n before 8month my first abortion was done m 26 years old

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Answer: It is used to stop bleeding and to prevent any miscarriage and keep the baby safe,also for infertility
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    sonali dhenge560 days ago


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Question: my lmp was 29jan today m going for chek up the length of foetus is 1.4cm is it ok n
Answer: Firstly congratulations,itz a big news...itz totally k..no need to worry....take fresh fruits plenty of water...nd stay healthy.
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Question: Hello mam my c sec delivery was done on 10 th May and its my second delivery , first one was before 2 years ago and also c sec . problem is that my tummy is look like I m pregnant since first delivery , now I want to use materny belt to shape my tummy , is it effective and after how many days I can use this. And also suggest any other home remedies for flat tummy .
Answer: Hi dear when you use belt to reduce your tummy it won't reduce but it can help you to get flat tummy whenever you use it so we can wear it when putting servers and tops but while wearing saree we cannot put the tummy belt so it is good to take proper diet and also do regular exercises to reduce the tummy fat but you should not do that now because our body will be very weak after delivery so we must do this only after 6 months of delivery you can also try taking warm water with lemon and honey and also can do walking after 3 months of which will give you good result
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Question: Today i went for regular chek up.. Dr cheked heart beat of baby its 130... It is good or bad. Dr said that after 10 daya we do ultrasound if heart beats not increase... I m confuse plz suggest me...
Answer: No. Its normal 130 heart beat is not to worry but u kindly follow ur doctor and do ur ultrasound.. But u do not stress its not a matter of worry
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Question: I m 2 mnth pregnanat .. when it was 1 and half month then i suggest dr and she done ultrasound n said still child development not occur.she given me medication for 10 days n i m taking.. its normal????
Answer: U can wait up to 8 weeks then we can say that wheater it is normal or not if my answer is helpful to u please like it
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