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Question: Today is the 13th day of my missed period. Should I take pregnancy test

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Answer: Yes you can check with morning urine pregnancy test. Hope you get positive results.
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Question: Hi m'am, My period date was 28 April but I didn't get my period on that day. From second day I got brown discharge with light bleeding when pass urine. is it implantation bleeding? When should I test pregnancy?
Answer: Yes,,that could be implantation bleeding...u can wait for 1 more week and check for Pregnancy test.
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Question: My urine culture shows the presence of staphylococcus is it serious during pregnancy?what all are the treatment should I take to heal it?
Answer: Dear its urinary tract infection talk to ur doctor and medication start immediately......
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Question: its 10th day I missed my period and last night I observed not in my Penty Asif you drops today morning pregnant or should I do a pregnancy test for these are period stains I am totally confused this is my second pregnancy I hv a 7 year old baby girl
Answer: It's positive dear sometimes it's happened little bit light line means is also pregnant
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