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Question: Today is my period day ...but only 4to 5drops of bleeding came and it stops...what may be the reason?

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Answer: It happens due to insufficiency of protein and vitamin level from your body
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    sugidhin475 days ago

    That means how can i improve that?

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Question: My period came after 43rd day of delivery....but the next month it didn't came.....what is the reason?
Answer: Hi, Usually breastfeeding prevents periods for occuring for a few weeks upto many months by inhibiting ovulation. So it is not abnormal to skip periods few times after delivery.
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Question: My cycle is around 28-30days.but today its 34th day and started bleeding..what may be the reason?please guide?
Answer: Hi dear,it may be due to hormonal disbalance..But I think its not too serious...sometimes d cycle can be delayed n its not a matter to concern..
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Question: My period date is 17 and it come 3days late but today is 22 n still my periods not came what may be the resion is it ptagnency
Answer: Hi Dear! It could be pregnancy if u do not hv any other associated issue of irregular periods, and since its been 5 days u can take a test now or tomorrow to confirm pregnancy, if two pink lines appear u r positive.. Hope this helps!
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Question: Hello today i got in period but i am not getting good bleeding what may be the reason?
Answer: They do tvs sometimes if they r not getting the heart beat of your baby
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