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Question: Today is my first day mera ovulate period kounsa din rahega or meri period cycle 28 days h

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Answer: Hi dear, as your period is 28 days cycle when you're expecting tuition period will be in between 17 to 24 of July. Intercourse in this period will increase your chances of pregnancy. Hope it helps.
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Question: 26 june is my period first day ..having 30 day cycle when I will ovulate?? Till how many days after period and before period should intercourse..??
Answer: Hello Get a ovulation strip so u get to know ur ovolation days so u ll know ur best chance keep trying . Eat butter fruit or avocado as it helps in conception. Stay well hydrated exercise well so u ll get good endorphin levels wch will keep u and ur body happy. Stay positive and happy so u ll see good results soon.
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Question: Meri period cycle 27-28 din ki h.... aaj meri 33th day h ... kya ye positive sign h...
Answer: Hllo dear if ur period s missed .wait 8 to 10 days more nd go 4 pregnancy test then u 'll get exact result. Dear missed period s sign of pregnancy .so first do pregnancy test .then consult to ur gyno
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Question: Hello maam.. my monthly period cycle is 28 days from last two months. Before that is was 27 days. Is it possible to ovulate on 9th or 10th day even the period cycle is 28 days?
Answer: Hello No it won't happen usually on 9th or 10 th day. U will have ovulation symptoms increased discharge Heightened sex drive Lower stomach pain etc
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