40 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Today is my due date..but still no labour pain..what is the reason?

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Answer: Hi,don't worry,Dr will check if there are any chances of you going into labor or will induce pain or will suggest you to go in for a csec deliverey.dependinh on the medical condition and cervix dilation
Answer: It can be delay 1 or 2days don't worry
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Question: Dr. Today is my due date but still no pain
Answer: Hello...Dear if your baby has not arrived by the 40th week of pregnancy, you may start to worry about overdue pregnancy. Rest assured that, usually, an overdue pregnancy is just the result of a miscalculated due date. You may feel heavy and weary at this point, so make sure to get lots of rest. Remember to do your kick counts as they can help you monitor your baby’s health. If your baby is truly overdue, you may need an ultrasound to make sure the baby is still doing well, and your health-care provider may have to induce labor... You can eat papaya at this stage..
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Question: Today is my due date ...but still no labour pain..what is the reason?
Answer: Sometimes u may not get pain on the day of due. Ki dlu consult your doctor , so that they can check and tell u the progress. Whether u can wait or will they induce pain.i delivered 1 wk after my due date. Have a safe delivery. Take care.
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Question: Today is my due date....but still no labour pain...?wt 2 do now?
Answer: Hi don't worry and don't take stress as it affects the labour process so relax and wait for labour pain and if you won't get till tomorrow then consult doctor immediately as waiting for labour pain after 40weeks is not a good idea. And don't worry everything will be fine stay positive.
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