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Question: Today is my 6th day of period I m having 26 days cycle n I want to plan baby so when should I do sex to get pregnant

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Answer: you can download period tracking app in that you can feed your details and get to know the exact fotile days and the day of ovulation usually you will start to be fertile from the 10th day of the period till 15 day
Answer: 4th October will be
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Question: I got my first positive result today on 32nd day of my cycle,when should I consult a doctor
Answer: You can meet your gynecologist when you are about 6-7 weeks pregnant, that means you can right away meet your doctor. All the best.
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Question: Hi .my periods got over in 26 today is 7th day.plzz tell me when my egg get ruptured and when i have to do sex to get pregnant faster.plzz
Answer: Hi dear ur lmps 20 sep so if ur period ctcle s of 28 days to 30 days ur ovulation period ll be 2 oct to 5 oct try in ur ovulation period nd keep pillow under ur hips while intercourse try it best of luck
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Question: I want to plan 2 nd menstrual cycle is 22 23 days so please let what is ovulution time so that i can be pregnant
Answer: Since your menstrual cycle is 23 days you are likely to ovulate on 10 th day. You can use ovulation kit to confirm your ovulation.
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