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Question: Today is my 4th day of menses and on the first day i tested first at home it was shown positive but bleeding was normally as menses and today on 4th day of menses my family dr suggested to test again and again it showed positive so how come in menses upt is showing positive

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Answer: Dear may be you are pregnant and having bleeding out of some complications. So tommorow morning visit a gynaecologist and get a scan done to know the exact reason for bleeding..
Answer: Hi dear get ur proper blood test done. That will get u a perfect result.may be u have implantation bleeding which u could be thinking as period.
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Question: My last period was on 21st September and I have taken home pregnancy test on 4th November it was showing negative result but again I had taken home pregnancy test on 16th November then it was positive and today again I checked it and found positive result. So my question is in which week I m running??
Answer: Hi dear, its completely normal as it takes time to detect pregnancy in home kit. As per your lmp You are 8 weeks pregnant, your due date is 28/06/2019 and 220 days to go
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Question: Today on 42nd day of missed period home test kit showed light pink colour C line, what does it means?
Answer: Lines across both C and T indicates positive. Since your periods are delayed, best if you consult a doctor to know hcg levels in blood to check for pregnancy.
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Question: Hi checked via upt on Saturday it was positive and now when I check it is showing negative...
Answer: Hi dear, Sometimes the pregnancy test kits are faulty.ideally one must do a beta hcg blood test to confirm the you can do that too.
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