40 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Today in hospital I met this lady with her new born baby 7 days old n she still looked liked she is expecting n the way she was moving around was so difficult to see when I asked she said she had c sec way before her due date n that was something she opted for even when the doc recommended for normal delivery coz she didn't want to go through that labor pain...trust me looking at her it really motivated me to go for normal delivery even with the pain coz c sec post surgery really didn't look good ...so if there is no complication then opting for c sec really shouldn't do ...my tho ght when I saw the lady

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Answer: Very good to share this. I really motivates many women who really don't want to face labour at all. Every body and pregnancy are different so are labour pains. God has given this power to every feminine weather humans or animals. Some pains are worthy 😊☺
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Question: hi to all mommies.. due my height 5.2 n baby weight thru scan on feb 5th it was 2940gms. the baby weight was more itseems.. because of my height the baby will come out way was small it seems.. so the normal delivery is difficult itseems.. she suggested me to go for c-sec.. is that true.. plz suggest me.. thanks in advance
Answer: No.. go tk 2 t0 3 opinions more from other doc.. u can do normal delivery.. i m 5.3" n my baby weighted 4kg acc to thm. Bt other doc told me i cud deliver normal n i did. It was normal delivery. N in ultrasound baby weight always shows more.
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