4 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Today i went to checkup after completing urine test and blood test they said I'm pregnant is it really true

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Question: Iam 5 weeks pregnant and I went for a routine checkup... And they called me to say they need a repeat sample of my urine as they found slight blood content... I have not experienced any spotting.. Is this normal?
Answer: Dear it is not normal and hence need further testing. Please do as ur gynae says and get a test done. Nothing can be said until the required test is done. Hope it helpsm
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Question: Hi I'm 8month pregnancy. Today I took blood and urine test... It shows haemoglobin 9.2gms...is it ok during pregnancy???
Answer: Your hemoglobin level is normal not very low not very high but you can increase still up to 12 that is good in pregnancy by having iron tablets and also green leafy vegetables and more dates
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Question: Today i went for checkup dr said blood is low and wts d remedy to increase blood
Answer: Hello dear, If your blood level is low, you should include more pomogranates, carrots and beetroots in your diet. Dry fruits like fig also help in increasing the blood level.
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