23 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Today i went for my monthly checkup and doctor said that the baby is little down is there any problem related to this i am little worried about the baby

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Answer: Hello! Baby little down could mean it is the case of low lying placenta. Please take complete bed rest and avoid activity. If this is followed, nothing will happen to the baby and don't worry. Take care
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Question: Hlo am 19 weeks pregnant and today in my monthly checkup doctor said that my fetus RPD is 6.4mm.further diagnosis is needed. Is it any problem
Answer: hi dear! it is the renal pelvis area that dilates (widens) in renal pelvic dilatation. Your baby's kidneys are checked during the anomaly ultrasound scan. ... If the measurement is more than this at either of these stages in the pregnancy, the widening or enlargement of the renal pelvis is called RPD. so dear we need further investigations to see if any more problem is there dear. take care!
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Question: Hi i went to the doctor for monthly checkup today... I have hemoglobin level of 11.0 ..is it normal???
Answer: Not normal but not bad...try to rise it above 12... Hb is very important while pregnancy...take dates,red spinach, beetroot, pomegranate,groundnut burfi....
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Question: My doctor said that my baby's head is already down and asked me to take more rest.i am more worried about it. Is there any problems with it?
Answer: No need to wry. Feel happy that your baby turned down in preparing for delivery. For some women baby's head turns down at week 30.This is not a problem. Since baby puts more weight in your abdomen you need more rest. Nothing to wry than that.
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Question: Hai..am 36 weeks pregnant ..today i went for scanning and they said there is single cord around neck for my baby..is there any problem
Answer: No. My baby also had single loop of cord around neck and I had normal delivery. Nothing to worry about it. Just join in hospital which has NICU facility. During delivery if baby get breathing problem they put baby sometime in NICU. Thats it. It don't happen with all babies too. But they suggest to join in hospital which has NICU so that they can try for normal delivery. If it is scheduled C section NICU is not required. Nothing to worry. Everything will go smoothly. Take Care.
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