9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Today i went for gyno first visit. My lmp 23 dec. I should be 8 weeks pregnant. But doc said only 6 weeks growth is seen. And fetal pole not seen. G sac and yolk sac seen. Is this normal?

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Answer: May be your are ovulation is late, because of this in sonography it will be showing 6 week growth Do sonography after 1 week for fetal viability.
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    Sharmila Sekar61 days ago

    Thank you for replying. Hoping for good results.

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Question: I'm 8 weeks pregenet today was my first scanning only yolk sac was seen fetal pole wasnt seen they said to cm next week im so scared is this a miscarriage nurse said hrt beat shud be hrd this week but fetal pole wasn't visible yolk sac was only seen wat to do plzz reply
Answer: I really do not want to scare you here because if your gynecologist himself or herself as told you to come and get the checkup done next week so even if I tell you that it can be a blighted ovum or 50/50 chances of an- anembryonic pregnancy but I will only hope for the best because sometimes what happens is if you are Placenta is posteriorLy and the measurements sometimes are taken with a machine error and the Heartbeat is not heard that is one case but let's not think much and let's wait for the next week scan. Do not worry.
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Question: Yolk sac is seen... no fetal pole is seen. No cardiac activity appreciated. Lmp is 9 dec , please suggest.
Answer: Hello dear. You may have to wait for another 2 weeks and repeat the test to see if the heartbeat arrives. It is good that yolk sac is seen rehich means pregnancy is growing well. Please do not be worried. Hope it helps.
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Question: I did 1st scan today, my lmp is 27july.scan shows 5-6 weeks gestational age, FHR:100,yolk sac seen,tiny fetal pole seen. Is this normal??
Answer: Hi dear, Congratulations. Generally, from 6 ½ -7 weeks is the time when a heartbeat can be detected and viability can be assessed. A normal heartbeat at 6-7 weeks would be 90-110 beats per minute. The presence of an embryonic heartbeat is an assuring sign of the health of the pregnancy. Yolk sac also seen for you. Fetal pole is also there. So don't worry dear. It is normal. You get further clarifications from your gynecologist with your scan reports. Hope this will help you.
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