7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Today i saw few drops of brown black discharge from my vagina...is there any problm?

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Answer: Hi,Dear it's normal in pregnancy nothing to worry if the spotting is brownish or pinkish but you should consult doc if you have bright red bleeding.hope it helps
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    shevangi shaw836 days ago

    Can i travel in this case?

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    M Son836 days ago

    Avoid traveling take rest

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Question: Today morning i saw little bit of brown ish discharge .is there any sign of complication.??
Answer: Non it's not...it happens when ur embryo attaches to ur uterine walls .. which is known as embryo implantation
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Question: Today I saw little brown discharge. Is there any problem?
Answer: Hello! in most cases, it’s completely harmless. The most common cause is irritation: As you know the surge of hormones and increased blood flow to the cervix can make it super-sensitive when you’re expecting. So sometimes, sexual intercourse or a pelvic exam can aggravate your cervix, resulting in a bit of brown discharge or even light spotting.
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Question: Hello... There is a drop of brown discharge from vagina.. Is there any problem..
Answer: Little bleeding okay.. but if it continues please contact ur doctor
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