7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Today I noticed some blood in my morning stool without any pain and constipation. Is it normal?

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Answer: Take proper diet and forget the heat producing food.. May b aapne kuch garam khaya hoga..aage se dyan rakho
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    Suman Ghanshala549 days ago

    Han maine perso kathal khaya tha. Is it because of that meal?

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Question: Today I noticed some blood flow in stool and a few drops of creamy discharge is it normal or else anything serious.
Answer: Hi dear when you get constipation issue that may cause blood in stool so please drink more water and also take a high fibre rich food and apple banana pear green beans potato sweet potato all this food item can cure the constitution issue. Take more vegetables and fruits avoid eating bakery food items maida based food items.
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Question: Im having constipation problem and today i noticed blood while passing stool and it was painful as well . Please suggest some home remedy and is it serious?
Answer: You can add a lemon in a glass of warm water because it helps flush out toxins and other undigested material from the colon. Besides stimulating your taste, the combo has also been known to induce bowel contractions that help you pass stool.
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Question: Today i noticed blood flow in stool and a drop of White discharge in stool does it indicates any danger
Answer: Hi White discharge without smell is wyite common and as there is blood in stool it is to be concerned and please do consult with doctor
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