Few weeks old baby

Question: today I noticed a pimple like in the top of my nipple..its very painful.im nt able to breastfeed my baby properly bcz of my pain in nipple due to that yellow pimple .plz help

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Question: Hi.. I have 1 month 1 week baby.. When I breastfeed my baby, I have pain in my nipple. Due to that ,I couldn't able to feed properly due to pain.. Any home remedies? Please reply
Answer: motherhood coming with many surprises for a mother and all surprises are not pleasant I understand your pain because I am also a breastfeeding mother but don't worry dear this pain is just for first two months this phase will be over, you apply your own breast milk on your breast as this advice was given by my sister and proved really helpful for me to give it a try and also massage your breast with few drops of lukewarm Desi ghee daily.
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Question: In the night, i feed my baby in sleeping position so she made a habbit of sucking nipple like pacifier...plz advise how can i get rid of her habbit? becoz of this i am nt able to sleep properly
Answer: Hi Dear! The baby is comfort feeding. Sending lots of strength your way. It is a phase and it'll be gone soon. Just forget day, night and all other work. Sleep with the baby and feed. I know it's tiring, but that's all you need to do right now. It'll go a long way in increasing your supply and making the baby healthy. Good luck!
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Question: I noticed there is a lump on my breast...it's paining also.Im able to breastfeed through that breast though.please help in getting rid of this lump
Answer: The lump is possibly milk. Milk is getting stored and yes it will be really painfull... Feed ur baby frequently, even then if it exist pump out the milk
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