31 weeks pregnant mother

Question: today I have colour Doppler scan. Report is showing baby weight 1716 gm+-251 gm and my 29 week and 3 days running

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Answer: it's normal n abslutly good
Answer: Yes its fine
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Question: Have done anomaly scan today . it's showing 19weeks 3 days and baby's weight is 285 gm. but because there is change in due date . Dr.says growth is slow.
Answer: Hello dear At 19 weeks the baby weight should be approximately 240-250gm and in 20 weeks it should be around 300gm.. So don't worry your baby is in absolutely perfect weight.. To increase the baby weight.. Maintain a healthy, naturally balanced diet. Fresh fruits, vegetables, protein, whole grains and healthy carbohydrates are all good food choices for you and your baby. Eating three to four solid meals per day will support a healthy weight for you and your baby. Avoid fatty, fried foods and foods high in cholesterol or preservatives. Get plenty of rest at night. Resting provides you with energy and allows your body to refresh itself. Take prenatal vitamins at the suggestion or prescription of your doctor. Reduce stress and anxiety.
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Question: Hi I am 33 weeks pregnant now. I had done my last usg doppler 3 days back and baby weight came 1716 gms. Is it good or my baby is under weight?
Answer: Idea this baby is now where is this normal nothing to worry drink healthy and have nutritious food at small intervals of time it will increase baby's weight take care dear
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Question: I am 29 week and 3 days pregnant and my baby weight is 1328 grams ultrasound report is this a low weight for baby
Answer: No no it's not low weight.. it's normal weight.. it baby can gain weight till 9th month
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