8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Today I had vomiting feeling while I was lying on my bed so I suddenly got up from the bed with a little jerk. Will it harm my baby?

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Answer: No...cool down.. Anxiety tension will harm baby
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    Nupur Srivastava60 days ago

    Thanks alot

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Question: Hinam 23 weeks pregnant. Today I had appointment with my doctor. After the check up was over, while getting up from the bed, I could not get up usually the way I do. I was helpless and I got up straight from the bed putting pressure on my stomach without using any side. Will it affect my baby. Plz reply...m scared and worried
Answer: Hi dear, There is no need to panic . everything is fine.your baby is in a highly protective sac.the reason why you need to support yourself while getting up is ,to avoid any muscle catch.it is for your benefit.your baby would anyway be ok.since you start to grow bigger with increased weight,the risk of muscle pull and strain increases with bad posture etc.so turning to one side and giving support to your belly while standing up would help you .donot worry you baby would be ok.
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Question: Feeling a little uncomfortable while lying on bed.
Answer: U can sleep sideways by folding ur knees and take pillows to comfort you or otherwise u can also sit on chair or sofa and rest ur legs on other chair and sleep..Hope this helps you..
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Question: i stand up suddenly ,will it harm my baby
Answer: No dear it wont harm your baby. But be a little gentle with your normal work.
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Question: Today I was in a Car, my FIL was driving the Car and while driving 2-3 times on speed breakers he drove lil fast which made me get little jerk. Also as he missed a turn he suddenly pressed the breaks which also get me little jerk. Will it affect my baby? I had used a seatbelt.
Answer: Hello dear For a safer side, u should consult ur doctor. Though, u have not got hurt anywhere but it should be good if u consult ur doctor so that u can get satisfaction that baby is fine.
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