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Question: Today I had my periods when should I intercourse to get conceived.. Today is 9 march

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Answer: Hii. You should try from 10th day. if today is your first day...then you should try from 19th this will help you to concieve soon.
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Question: Today i had my periods . wanted to know when we do intercourse so as to get pregnant? Pls tell
Answer: After completing 5 days the next coming day u should intrlercourse for getting pregnant
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Question: Today is my third day of my periods...when to have intercourse to get pregnancy..
Answer: If your cycle is regular of 28 day then ovulation usually occurs between 10th to 16th day from your period day . So you can try between these days normally ovulation occurs on 14th day of cycle. You can try before, during and day after ovulation as chances of pregnancy are high during ovulation time as it is considered to be more fertile stage.
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Question: I had my periods on dec 26th.. when should i have intercourse to get pregnant
Answer: Hello dear. Generally most women likely to ovulate on day 14(although it can be a day or two sooner or later), and your fertile window is from days nine to fourteen (six days). If you bleed the average five days, and you start having unprotected intercourse four days after your period ends, you can get pregnant. All the best.
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