40 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Today I got obstetrical sonogram report.. In conclusion Double Loop of cord around neck... Little bit worried abt it Wht should I do...

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Answer: Agar loop nahi chuta to c section k chances hote hai.. dr ne bataya hoga. And dopler test karke dekho as per dr opinion..
Answer: thankss for answer
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Question: I m worried about double loop cord around the neck
Answer: Hello dear, I understand what you are going through... However with proper monitoring and check ups with the doctor will help in keeping a tab on the cord.. just listen to your doctor because they're the best judge of your baby's condition inside and do exactly as told...
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Question: What should i do my cord is around the neck of baby with double loop n mine 38 week strts
Answer: Hello This is something all the would be mothers worry abt. The umlical cord is protected from blood vessels compression. Mostly it's not dangerous as the doctor would unloop ur baby whn the baby s head crowns. The cord does not get tighter during labour. Babies are born healthy and in normal delivery only it there are more than one loops around the babies neck the doctors opt for a c section as it could lead to complications.
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Question: What is the reason of double loop of nuchal cord around baby's neck ,why it wrapped twice around neck?
Answer: Hello mom Your baby gets all the nutrients from a cord which is attached to your body with placenta that cord is called umbilical cord and it is floating freely inside the womb with baby.Babies the move a lot inside your womb and sometimes the cord gets wraped around the neck of the baby.Dont worry you doctor will assess the position of baby and cord in further visits.
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