18 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Today i got my level 2 scan done.... I am diagnosed with low lying placenta.... Lower edge of placenta is 11mm away from the os.... Is there any chance to have normal placenta position in coming months?? And what should i do to have a normal delivery in this case....

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Question: Today i have done my ultrasound.. In my report placenta is anterior grand 1 lower end of placenta is 15.9 mm away from internal Os s/o low lying placenta... Is there any prblm in my report.. Please tell me
Answer: Hi dear first of all congratulations on your pregnancy and if you are report says that your Placenta is anterior it just means that your present is attached in front of the uterus and your baby kicks might get questions due to the anterior Placenta and you get to feel the movements at a later stage of your pregnancy it is common and happens to a lot of pregnant women and dumb degradation of placenta is nothing but to see how much your present I have worked means how far it has come during your pregnancy now at 16 weeks grade one is absolutely fine and there is nothing to be worried about Now low lying placenta low lying is a something that when your present a gets attached to your uterus wall at a lower end then only it is called low lying placenta but don't worry it may move up at a later stage of your pregnancy once the uterus keeps stretching however there are few things that you need to be careful about you should not walk fast you should not get involved in intercourse please do not lift any heavy weights and a lot of bed rest is required and moreover please do listen to what your doctor instructs.. Hope this helps!
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Question: I have done nt scan on 13week's and my placenta is Low lying lower edge touching the os
Answer: Low lying placenta is a common complication during pregnancy dear... you should avoid doing heavy work and take rest... sometimes upto 19 weeks there are chances that the placenta will go up
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Question: in case of low lying placenta 1-2cm away from internal os normal delivery is possible
Answer: Not possible.. while sleeping take pillow in between ur legs, placenta will move up
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