6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Today i got lightlly bliding, wht it's indicates?

2 Answers
Answer: Bleeding is not normal unless it is implantation bleeding. So consult ur doctor immediately.
Answer: Consult ur doc first..
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Question: today now i got period my blood is pure red in colour what indicates?
Answer: Thats very normal in period..it indicate its a new blood flow
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Question: I got a dark patch on my hip and it's itchy...wht should I do
Answer: You should see a doctor its eczema patch/fungal infection It's going to increase in size if you itch, also if it comes in contact with other skin tissue it will spread. It's common and happens in summers. Your doctor will prescribe you fusidic cream/ ointment also an antibiotic course for a week. Make sure to mention him that you are pregnant also do not shy to show him/her your problematic area its important to treat it well so it does not affect your baby. Don't worry all is fine. Just get it checked as soon as possible. Hope it helps! Take care.
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Question: today I got bleeding,,, what it indicates ? first I felt pain in stomach and then got bleeding,, but there is no pain now,,, what should I do ?
Answer: Hello dear spotting or light bleeding is normal in early pregnancy. I suggest you to seek an advice from your doctor.. He might suggest you the best medications
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Question: Gud mrng mam today I got blood from motion I am getting fear and pain near motion wht to do it's affects my baby ha
Answer: This happend because of constipation. Drink lots of water, soups, juices, eat fruits and salads. Have warm water with lemon and ginger in morning when u get up. If problem remains plz go to your doctor.
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