17 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Today i fell down on my knees my right knee got hurt....my belly was not hurt ....does it will affect my baby?

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Answer: Hello! Ideally it will not affect the baby as it is surrounded by the amniotic fluid. But you need to be careful in future because if you would have fallen on your stomach that could have been risky. Take care
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    Sheetal Malta905 days ago

    Thank you

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Question: Hi m 11 weeks pregnant..today i fell down and hurt my knees..is my baby going to be ok?
Answer: Hello dear, if you fell only in your knees then it won't cause any problem to your baby. Only if you fall on your stomach directly with force then it may affect your baby. So don't worry. If you are still in doubt, to confirm go to your doctor and ask for scan.
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Question: Hi mam, i fell down, will it affect my baby
Answer: Hi.. Dear if you are not feeling any uneasiness then relax it is ok.. Be careful from next time.. However, it will be better if you could go to your gynaecologist once and get your check up done.. To be on the safer side..
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Question: Fell down on my knees , my whole wght went on my knees.will it affect the baby
Answer: Hello dear For a safer side, u should consult ur doctor. Though, u have not got hurt anywhere but it should be good if u consult ur doctor so that u can get satisfaction that baby is fine.
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