35 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Today I feel very fatigue and don't know the reason though I'm taking my diet properly

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Answer: You should go to doctor if fatigue is too much.
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Question: Whenever I am taking ice cream my stomach is paining I don't know the reason????
Answer: There is nothing to worry. It is normal during pregnancy to have mild pain. However experiencing pain only when having ice cream might be just a coincidence
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Question: My stomach size is very small I don't know y but I am taking food properly
Answer: It happens, don't worry, unless your health and your child's growth is fine..don't let unnecessary thoughts haunt your mind.
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Question: 9week 4 days I'm getting bleeding and stomach littlely I feel pain I don't know what was the reason
Answer: Please consult with doctor and take bed rest because it is early stage of pregnancy
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