33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Today i feel less baby movement and normal pain in belly is their any problem. Pls ans immediately.

Answer: Hello Dear yu will definitely have less movement when compared in yur 7 n 8 month. Now yur baby is fully developed n has taken maximum available space in yur womb. Less movement no problem but as if yu have no movement yu can drink something cold n sweet n lie down for sumtym yu feel start feeling. If no then call or meet yur gynacolgist she may do a scan. Pain in stomach nothing to worry because of expanding stomach it happens jus take rest Take care
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Question: Today I feel less baby movement what should i do pls ans
Answer: Drink glass of water n sleep straight dr u ll feel d movements c
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Question: I am 35week pregnant and today I feel movement of baby is less today.is it normal?
Answer: No it's not normal I think u have a pain in back then only u have feel the pain
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Question: I feel baby movements less today...is there any problem
Answer: Dear at this stage it is normal for the baby to be less active somedays but they come back to normal movements after sometime. Try having eating something or having cold water this usually increqses the baby movement. Hope it helps.
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