4 weeks pregnant mother

Question: today I completed ma 6 weeks 2 days... doc scanned n told gestational sac n yolk sac is seen but cardiac activities r not seen... Dey r telling it's very slow n late pregnancy... Dey told wil wait for one more week n den decide wat to do.... worried

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Answer: In average cases cardiac activity is recorded between 8-10 th week. So don't worry Stay positive.
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Question: Hi doc, did my first usg n gestational sac is 0.6*0.4 n yolk sac has started to appear. They told it's early 4 weeks, is these no r fine mam??
Answer: Hi dear, your report is absolutely normal and its just starting of pregnancy so just relax and take complete bedrest and get a rescan done in a week or 2 and till then hopefully baby's heartbeat will also start..
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Question: Hello i m 5 week pregnant ...in usg no yolk sac was seen ...doc has given me progesterone tablet n injection too... I m worried she told me to wait one more week... My pregnancy would continue ??
Answer: Hi Dear! Pls dont worry its common in such an early time, 5 weeks is too early to detect anything, pls wait fr another week as Dr. has suggested you wil get a positive result.. Wish you good luck!
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Question: Hello doctor my lmp feb 19, 9weeks complete but in ultrasound report 7weeks gestational yolk sac seen but no cardiac activities n fetal pole not visualised..
Answer: Hi it is common in a lot of pregnancy am sure your doctor has asked you for another ultrasound after sometime usually cardiac activity or hard which can be detected in bebi between 7296 29 weeks of pregnancy but sometimes it can happen that it can be detected after 9 weeks even so it is normal but please be positive and go for another ultrasound to check the fetal pole and the Heartbeat both it should be positive by then .. All the best
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