17 weeks pregnant mother

Question: today i ate pizza bcz i like pizza vry much i ate frst tym after my pregnancy

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Answer: Once in while to satisfy ur craving is fine...however avoid outside fiod n junk food as much as possible as u n ur baby requires healthy n nutritious diet for proper growth n development
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    Parveena Khan1234 days ago

    Thnxxx i'll keep in mind

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Question: Today I ate two pieces of pizza after a long time.......is it harmful for 2 months pregnancy.
Answer: Hi.. its not harmful if u eat maida once in a while coz it is not easily digested so in initial u shud eat healthy and easily digestive food.. avoid maida as much as you can...
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Question: Hi i am 6mnths pregnant i ate pizza today is it safe to have pizza dueing pregnancy???
Answer: hi dear you should eat during pregnancy we should not have pasteries confectionery items because it increases the chances of constipation and also it takes a lot of time to get digested and it has more calories in atta so when you take it once it does not cause any harm less but don't do this continuously or take it often as of now you can take more or warm water which helps to burn the fat inside and get easily digested soon
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Question: Today I ate 2 pieces of pizza after a long time.......is it harmful for 2 months pregnancy
Answer: It's ok once in a while.... But try to avoid such foods in pregnancy
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