6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: today I am feeling very tried . I want eat sour always but I don't like sweet in this day.

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Answer: Its normal to feel that way dear. It can be caused by physical stresses, fatigue, changes in your metabolism & hormones. So it is important to understand you are not alone; it is just another aspect of the pregnancy experience. Following tips might help you to cope up in such a situation - • Get plenty of sleep • Take a break during the day to relax • Get regular physical activity • Eat well • Spend time with your partner • Go for a walk • Try pregnancy yoga class or meditation • Get a massage
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Question: My baby don't want to eat cerelac n even she don't like to eat sweet things...
Answer: Dear it is quite normal I knw because I also faced the same. My daughter still is not okay with sweet things in her diet. I used to give only salty to my daughter at 8 months. Even the cerelac has to be the one which was not sweet. And in food she used to have upma, khichdi, idli, for her. Hope it helps.
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Question: Hello friends i am feeling like sleepless day,cant sleep at night, always feeling hungry but when i see food dont want eat
Answer: Becos of harmonal changes it is normal so don't worry after 12 week u will feel better...although in some case it continue to whole pregnancy... N one more thing take food in less amount...whatever u want....try to take liquid food which is easily digestible....
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Question: I am very depressed but I am pregnant.. No body love me..... I don't want this baby in this situation..
Answer: Hello Many women suffer from depression during pregnancy it's also a mood disorder. The major reason for this feeling is due to the harmonal changes in ur body during pregnancy the symptoms could be too much sleep sadness loneliness no self worth. U lose interest in activities u usually enjoy anxiety guilt.the reasons can be relationship problems infertility treatments stressful events or situations. This can have an effect on the baby. Babies born to depressed mothers are less active less attention and are agitated. The best treatment is surround urself with friends or a support group. dress up well and try having fun time. Go out for a walk exercise the endorphins will help with your mood eat chocolate. Get therapy.
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