2 months old baby

Question: Today for my baby vaccination is given, fever is lightly raising to my baby. What to do

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Answer: Hello dear, rub ice on swelling area, you can give her Calpol syrup for reduce pain and fever 1 ml prescribed by her doctor every 4-6 hrs and monitored her temperature every 2-3 hours as her temp. kept fluctuating between 99-102 degree Celsius . If the temp. exceeds 102 degrees, you should rush to the hospital for consultation.
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Question: Yesterday i given vaccination to my baby she have more fever and not taking proper milk what to do??
Answer: After vaccination usually dr recomend a paracetamol liquid to babies to reduce pain & fever. My dr has givrn "Babygesic", its a paracetamol liquid. 1ml three times a day you have to give to ur baby, fever & pain will go in a day or two.
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Question: what to do for relief from vaccination and fever
Answer: for pain , you dip a cotton cotton cloth in water and wrap the thigh where he/she has got injected. and soon after that take a long cloth and swaddle only his both kegs together and make him sleep and put some weight on his legs ( u can put blanket) and let him sleep. so he will not shake his legs and he doesn't feel the pain and also that watery cloth will help the injected area to heal from pain. u better sleep and feed him for sometime till he relieves
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Question: My son was given 10 weeks vaccination today.. There is redness and swelling.. What to do please suggest
Answer: Hello! You can apply ice packs on the area to reduce it's. Take care
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