20 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Today for first time I felt baby movement. It's really amazing feeling. Today I went for prenatal musical belt demo, while listening the music I felt my baby movement. It was like something is fluttering in my stomach.😃

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Answer: Congratulations..enjoy your time😊
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Question: Im feeling fluttering like movements below my naval area when i was listening music in loud sound...is it baby? And if it is then is it normal to feel so early for first time mommies?
Answer: Yes.. It is nrml to feel so.. Actually babe movements ll be felt frm 16wks.. U r too earlier to note it.. 😊
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Question: Felt my baby movement for the first time.... It felt like tickling inside my stomach happy 😊
Answer: Wow congrates to u dear .Dear now u feel fluttering or bubbling or a very.slight shifting movement.too ..enjoy ur pregnancy.
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Question: Today when I was lying I felt something was moving inside my belly like snake. Is it baby movement?
Answer: Could be. By this time.you must feel baby movements
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