16 weeks pregnant mother

Question: today by mistake I took folvite two times in the morning and now..vl it harm baby

3 Answers
Answer: No just 1nce it ll nt..but take care for next time
Answer: No.. don't worry be happy
Answer: no dear not a problem
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Question: Took iron tablets twice by mistake will it harm baby
Answer: Hello! Don't worry it will not harm the baby. But just make sure next time to be little careful. Take care
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Question: By mistake i took tablet which was expired 3months back ,will it harm my baby ?
Answer: Doing it only once worry t affect baby. Nothing to worry dear. In future be very careful
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Question: By mistake i took neuroride tablet double dose it harm to baby?
Answer: Hello, I think It might not cause any problem to baby but it's good if you contact your gynaecologist and seek for advice.
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Question: after lunar eclipse get over by mistake I saw moon for a sec so it vl harm my baby..?
Answer: no dnt worry....just relax ...no it will not harm ur baby...
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