16 weeks pregnant mother

Question: today by mistake I took folvite two times in the morning and now..vl it harm baby

3 Answers
Answer: No just 1nce it ll nt..but take care for next time
Answer: No.. don't worry be happy
Answer: no dear not a problem
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Question: I by mistake took calimax forte 2 times today... Hope this will not harm my baby
Answer: Hi dear, The overdose may not cause serious effect but you may feel nausea/vomiting, loss of appetite, mental/mood changes, headache, weakness and tiredness. Notify your doctor, mark the strip day wise so that you will remember, set only one reminder so that you miss or overdose.
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Question: Hi. Today I took calcium in morning by mistake. My doctor told me to take calcium at night and iron in morning. Now I will take iron at night. Does it harm me or the baby in anyway??
Answer: no for one day its ok bt indeed iron taking at nyt u should tk in afternoon because if u tk at nyt thn nxt morning wen u tk the iron tab the tym difference between both the tablets vl b less. so just see to it.
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Question: Took iron tablets twice by mistake will it harm baby
Answer: Hello! Don't worry it will not harm the baby. But just make sure next time to be little careful. Take care
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Question: Goodmorning everyone. Today i by mistake had consume two Fol123 tablet. One in the morning after taking milk and biscute in the morning and other after my breakfast. Now m tensed will it effect my baby . plz reply.
Answer: Hi.. Dear make a schedule for yourself.. Pregnant women are often encouraged to supplement their folic acid intake to prevent birth defects, but too much may also carry risks.. You had it once, so it is ok, don't over think about it..
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