8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Today by mistake I had taken folic acid tablet instead of thyroid tablet... After that I take my thyroid tablet... This is first time... Will it affect me or my pregnancy... I am 9 week pregnant

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Answer: Dear this depends on how your body reacts I just hope it does not affect firstly I am should not be taken on empty stomach because it is a very heavy medicine and can cause side effect secondly missing your thyroid left which can alter your thyroid levels. Well just praying for your well being take care next time
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Question: I was covid positive in May and at that time I conceived. Now I am 7 weeks pregnant . Is there will be any problem regarding child health or due to any madicine taken by me during that time.
Answer: Dear vivid is very new and there are no proven studies to say anything exactly but you know the good news is the covid positive mothers baby born are negative. So please don't worry hopefully everything is fine and healthy..
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Question: My last periods date on 17th may. After that no periods will come. Am I pregnant?
Answer: You could be pregnant.but please first check it out using hom pregnancy test. I am not sur bit it is been delayed due to stress or you are actually pregnant..testing now can confirm..
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Question: I am planning for pregnancy. My lmp was 27th may And had intercourse in my fertile days. My periods are late for 3-4days. Is it ok if i have intercourse today? Will it affect if i am already pregnant?
Answer: No do not intercourse, wait for 1week, if you're pregnant, never intercourse upto 3months ,
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