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Question: Today 7th week starting for me and i had a drop spitting in the morning first urine after that i didn't have. Same way when 6th week started also i had a drop spotting in the morning first urine. When i asked my doctor last time when it spotted she told its normal and need not worry. I m scared .someone pls help me

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Answer: Hi as spotting is normal during pregnancy as it is due to increased blood flow to vagina and if the irritation in cervix may cause spotting. So don't worry it's normal. You maintain a well balanced diet and drink lot of water stay hydrated and take proper rest. It will help. Take care
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    Asha Jerlin778 days ago

    Thank u swetha

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Question: I m in the start of 6th week of my pregnancy and had spotting in the morning along with urine. After that i didn't find any. Someone plz help me
Answer: H i. Lightbleeding, or spotting, during pregnancy is common, especially during the first trimester. ‌Implantation bleeding is a common cause of spotting early on in pregnancy. Implantation bleeding happens when the fertilized egg attaches to the uterine lining.  This can trigger a few days of light bleeding or spotting.
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Question: Is spotting common in the first trimester.. I am still in the 6th week
Answer: Yes spotting is common in first trimester. But be cautious, if you bleeding is heavy consult a doctor immediately...
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Question: A week old baby had peed in the morning..sunce than he didn't..all ok?
Answer: Hi dear babies should be at least 7 to 8 times in a day usually doctors tell that it must have at least four wet diapers so please feed your baby frequently as it helps baby to pass urine freely as a feeding mother you can take more healthy and nutritious food which makes more growth development. Don't make baby to sleep on bed or Polly mattresses the whole day because the babies can get heatness from that also and also please make baby to take more feed where cotton clothes you can also massage baby's tummy with oil which has to pass urine freely
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