2 months old baby

Question: To increase a fairness in a baby what should we do? Please help

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Answer: Hi! Complexion of the baby is determined by its genes at the time of conception, nothing you do can change your baby's natural complexion. Genetics determine the complexion, more the melanin more darker is the skin. So please dont overstress yourself.. Good luck!
Answer: Hi dear, the color of the baby depends upon the genetic and it will not be changes. Try to keep health of the baby right. Take care
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    Latha V935 days ago

    Thank you dear

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Question: What should we do to increase breast milk for baby
Answer: Have bread,2 piece in morning n 2 piece in the evening,also eat 2 piece of mutton daily
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Question: How to increase fairness in babies?
Answer: Hello dear,  Newborns often look fair at birth with skin that sometimes has a pinkish tone. The pink tint comes from the red blood vessels which show through your newborn's thin skin. Most parents assume that this is their baby's actual skin colour. But a newborn's skin darkens slightly as more of the natural pigment that gives it colour - melanin - is produced. So it's normal for your baby's complexion to change a bit on it's own at first.  Complexion is purely hereditary, any treatment can only control the production of melanin and lighten the skin by a few shades. 1 – Use kasturi turmeric as it will remove the facial hair, when hair falls the complexion will lighten. Use this with few drops of milk and always use a pinch of turmeric. 2- Chiksa powder will be available at any Unani store, you can apply that with few drops of lime. Please always do a patch test on the hands. 3- Many people swear by rubbing atta mixed with ghee on the skin of babies. I have not tried it as Im against using ghee and butter on kids, it blocks the pores. 4- Apply egg white on your kids face before bath. Let it dry for few mins before wash. 5- Apply sandal wood powder. Its better if you could buy a block and make a paste as store bought powders are mostly adulterated. 6- Milk cream is very efficient in controlling the melanin production. 7- Always use a sunscreen. 8- Do not use oily creams or lotions on babies. Always use a water based lotion like cetaphil or aquasoft. 9- Use almond oil for baby massage, it has skin lightening properties. 10-Many people have told me that using atogla lotion has improved their baby’s complexion, not sure but the lotion is safe. Hope it helped... Take care ur little one....
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Question: What should I do for baby s fairness???
Answer: Hi dear. complexion of baby depends upon parents so don't bother about the same and you try to get ready to accept the baby of any complexion because babies are adorable in every situation and there is not any particular way with which you can get a fair baby it all depends upon genes
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