35 weeks pregnant mother

Question: to avoid sugar items in pregnancy what are those items

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Answer: Avoid any sort of refined sugar that you might be using in sweet dishes,tea,coffee or juices..avoid consuming any processed food that would have loads of sugar too..no refined food products too..conscious eating is the key to maintaining normal blood sugar..
Answer: Sugary foods means food that sweet in taste like a sweets, sugary fruits, starchy vegetables etc you should evert to avoid excess weight king and also gestational diabetes.
Answer: Try to avoid sugar first in fruit juices and milk,sweets,and don't eat polished rice it may leads sugar
Answer: Especially outside PRESESRVTAIVE sugar items like chocolates nd ice creams
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Answer: A healthy mom means a healthy baby. The psychology of the baby inside the womb starts taking shape as early as in the 2nd trimester and the brain growth is phenomenal in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy. Not to forget, the mental state of the mother gets transferred to the baby. So read such books that refrain from causing any sort of anxiety or gloom while or after reading them. Mythological books such as Ramayana and Harivansh Puran are good because they will set you in a balanced state of mind along with imparting goodness of the values that the respective gods exhibit. I recommend 'Sita' by Devdutt Patnaik.... You could also go for reading children's story books such the Panchtantra .. Babies in the womb respond miraculously to music and playing meditative music such as instrumental music,om chants, hymns and music from the garbha sanskar collection is of great help.. Follow for more information Mark helpful and help others by sharing Dr Pratiksha
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Answer: Hi dear you should avoid eating pineapple papaya castor oil imli tulsi methi aloe vera these are not good for you during pregnancy .. you should take a well balanced diet that includes cereals pulses vegetables fruits dairy products and nuts
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Answer: It is very difficult to detect covid symptoms in babies my baby is 3 year old when we got covid positive and other than getting fever once my baby never got any other symptoms
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