31 weeks pregnant mother

Question: TLC count 15000, is it risk for baby or not? And also have fliud leak. Today's USG shown minimal fluid and the pregnancy is on 31st wk completed. If induse the pregnancy the baby will safe or not?

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Answer: Need not to induce pregnancy now. Always mention your amniotic fluid count if its less then 7 then strict monitoring is required. You need to drink 3 lt water every day 2 glasses coconut water and same quantity of milk aswell . Try to drink lot of juices. About the TLC count:- it is on margin and not to worry. How did you think about induction? Also tell me if you have fever, anemia, throat infection, burning in urine? Did your doctor told you anything apart from what you have mentioned here?
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Question: Is doing sex in 5 month pregnancy safe or not? If safe what will the position of doing it?
Answer: Yes, if you've had a healthy pregnancy, there's no reason why you and your partner can't have a full and satisfying sex life. Rest assured, having sex cannot harm your baby. During intercourse your baby stays cushioned and safe in the amniotic fluid. Also, the cervix is closed and has a mucus plug, which makes it impassable.
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Question: My pregnancy is 35 weeks and my usg report show liquier amniotic fluid is 7.8 it will risky for my baby and how i improve my amniotic fluid or my dr advise to me for c-section to reduce the risk to baby what will i do
Answer: Drink water as much as you can ..it's 3rd temister of pregnancy. So be careful about bit of baby movement. In emergency call your doctor and more importantly trust him/ her. Good luck
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Question: what Will be the sign and symptom during pregnancy if there is no heart beat in usg?
Answer: Hello! There are generally as such no such signs or symptoms. In such cases expecting mothers don't come to know of anything unless the scan reveals so.
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