35 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Howmuch time i can walk now

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Answer: hi you can go by walking for about 20 minutes to 30 minutes but it again depends upon you are the medical factors and your pregnancy factors before it is advisable to consult to the doctor for this before taking any decision it also depends upon how tired you feel if you start feeling tired or pain in legs and back pain then you should stop there
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Question: Howmuch time want to do excercise daily?
Answer: Always check with your healthcare provider before starting, continuing, or changing an exercise routine. If you exercised regularly before getting pregnant and your pregnancy is uncomplicated, you can probably continue working out as before, with a few modifications (noted below). However, in some cases it's not okay to exercise during pregnancy, so talk to your provider about your fitness routine to make sure your activities don't put you or your baby at risk.
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Question: Hi, now I'm 26th mnt pregnancy how much time i can walk?
Answer: Hi dear u should walk for atleast half an hour morning and evening. Rest depends on ur comfort. I used to walk for an hour in morning n evening. U can also do some exercises if doctor allows u to. But do it under expert supervision.
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Question: When can I go for a walking and for how much time can I walk now? And what kind of works can be avoided now?
Answer: Till 3 - 4 month avoid lifting weights, don't travel long distance, avoid doing heavy works . After that you can do small exercises, yoga's and walking
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