8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Till yesterday I was feeling hungry.. today I didn't get too much hunger . Is it normal

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Answer: Normal some time feel hungry some times didn't feel hungry
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    Madhura T1068 days ago


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Question: Feeling hungry too much .
Answer: Yeah!!! it happens.....in pregnancy many womens feel too much of hungry.....separate ur food portion..have something between every 2 hours ...have some milk..then fruits...then nuts...then ur usual break fast..lunch ..and dinner....inbetween u can snack ..with milk..nuts..fruits..drinks lot of water...atleast 3 litres...dont eat too much in one session ....it will lead to breathless ness...eat as many times but in moderate quantity
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Question: Today i am feeling too much suffocation...it is normal???i am feeling too sad
Answer: Hi dear, During pregnancy, hormone changes can affect brain chemicals and cause sadness and anxiety. It does have impact on ur child. A child may have: 1 have problems sleeping, 2 may be delayed in their development, 3 have more colic, 4 be quiet or 5 develop skills or reach developmental milestones later than other babies. Involve urself in meditation, listen to good n soothing music , read good books
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Question: Hello, after my child birth which was dec 2018, i didn't get periods till today.. Is it normal
Answer: Hi dear,don't worry it's normal.actually it's depends upon ur body.In some case it starts only in 2-3 weeks whereas in some cases it starts after 1year.So don't panic.
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