8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Till today it was white discharge but from light brown discharge is it any problem I'm feeling very worried

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Answer: Hello dear If your cervix is irritated during pregnancy, it may cause some brownish-pink discharge. This can happen at any point during your pregnancy. It may be caused by sex, a cervical check by your doctor, or an infection.
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    harshitha ashwin34 days ago

    But me n husband not in sex

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Question: Today I got very light stingy brown discharge..is there any problem..I am very worried
Answer: Hii brown  Discharge is basically old blood that has accumilated during implantation that comes out along with the white discharge.Thats why its brownish in colour Bcoz it is old blood fresh blood is always red or bright red in colour. So I don't think it is anything to worry till the time it is coming in normal flow . All the best. 
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Question: I am 9 week pregnant ...i have white discharge but when i wiped today with tissue then it was very light brown colour is it normal
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy brown discharge may be due to different reasons like left out of last menstrual period do you have any pain associated with this please contact doctor as you are in first trimester and no risk can be taken
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Question: I m 11.4week preg I m facing the problem of white discharge but from yesterday instead of white discharge is of very light brown color. Is everything OK??
Answer: Hello dear congratulations for pregnancy. vaginal white or brown discharge is a normal part of pregnancy but its important to keep an eye on it and tell ur dr its smell looks unusual or if u have any pain, itching or soreness in the vaginal area. You may have infection.
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