1 months old baby

Question: Till how many months we have to breastfeed baby for every 2 hours

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Answer: Hi, 2 months tak toh minimum baby ko frequent interval pe milk dena chahia jisse ki baby ko require feed mile after that baby ka bowel movement sahi hoga toh frequency kam ho jayegi
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Question: Till how many days we hv to wake up baby for feeding every 2 hours
Answer: I think till 6 months...means till you start giving solid or semi solid food
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Question: Till how many month for baby, have to feed for every 2 hours?
Answer: Hie Up till 5th month you need to breastfeed your baby every 2 hrs when awake and increase the interval to 4 hrs if your baby is sleeping not more than that you should feed your baby 7-9 times per day And in each session ensure you offer both your breast, offer the first and once it is empty offer the second so that your baby gets the fat rich hind milk as well which is necessary for weight gain
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Question: Till how many months we should breastfeed to baby
Answer: Hi dear. dear we should breastfeed a baby up to 2 year but if you can't continue feeding till 2 year then you should at least feed your baby till one year , for first 6 month of baby's life you should exclusively breast feed your baby, that means you should only give breast milk to your baby not even water should be given till 6 months . hope this information will help you
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